In my latest business venture Testfabrik AG, I had been concentrating on developing webmate: currently, the only solution that allows you to automatically and exhaustively test Web 2.0 applications for cross-browser compatibility. By bringing webmate to the market, Testfabrik AG performs a research transfer: award-winning research results are transferred to the market and, at the end of the day, brought to business success. Since 2015, I have been working as agile coach and management consultant at Germany’s biggest direct insurer. There, I help transition to an Agile organization which includes, but is not limited to, Agile methods and process frameworks, project portfolio management, transition teams, and last but not least Agile coaching. Furthermore, projects I am involved in introduce new custom software and insurance products. In my spare time, I teach Salsa dancing at Studio behrous, Saarbrücken. You can find further information about my Salsa classes at (Er-)Lebe Salsa.

Practical Relevance Of the highest importance.

Already in my school days, more precisely in April 1999, I launched my first large online project: “Saarparty” was one of the first events guides available online in Germany. Motivated by quick success both of this and other projects, I started my own business in the very beginning of my studies in computer science. There, I was able to test acquired academic knowledge in praxis and to gain more experience at a practical level.

Tell me – and I forget. Show me – and I remember. Let me do – and I understand.

attributed to Confucius

Accordingly, for my diploma thesis, I chose a topic that conjoined the latest research in software engineering and concrete needs of the industry. In my doctoral studies, which followed directly, I also had been working on methods that automate finding failure causes and simultaneously make debugging more efficient. The knowledge gained from those studies has consequently been transferred into the economy.

The interlocked learning at the university and in two companies owned by myself has constantly been complemented by specific further training on topics like style of leadership, communication, business management, consulting, and project management. In this way, I have had the opportunity to acquire diverse and versatile knowledge, and also to gain many years of practical experience in software engineering, project management, and last but not least, business management.

Work History